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    Company Name: Jiaxing Xindi Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    Business License Registration Number:91330402MA28BDHE6E

    Company Registration Address: Room 501-1, No. 87, Business Garden, Nanhu District Headquarters, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

    Company Telephone:0573-82689208

    Legal representative: Baiyan Yu

    Company Type: Limited Liability Company (Natural Person Investment or Holding)

    Scope of business:Industry Marketing Planning; Brand Planning and Promotion; Website Construction; Software Technology, Communication Technology, Computer Technology, Technology Development, Technology Transfer, Technology Services, Technology Consultation; Business Information Consultation (excluding Investment Consultation); Business Management Consultation; Days With Department stores, shoes and hats, clothing, toys, cosmetics, gold and silver jewelry, handicrafts, Sales of Stationery, Sports Goods, Office Goods, Electronic Products and Photographic Equipment sell

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    Reasons for choosing a 31

    • What have we done for the world

    • Create value for customers. Thirty-one degrees of scientific and technological personnel, serving 100,000 + users worldwide, help more than one third of the world's enterprises to achieve artificial intelligence. It is helping people enjoy high quality printing work, life and entertainment experience.
    • Promote the sound development of industry. 31 Degrees advocates openness, cooperation and win-win situation, cooperation and innovation with customers, partners and friends and businessmen. Expanding industrial value and forming a healthy industrial ecosystem. 31 degrees technology joins more than 10 standard organizations, printing federations and open source communities. Actively participate in and support the formulation of mainstream standards and build a win-win ecological circle. We are facing the world; facing the major printing companies in China.
    • Promote the sustainable development of society. As a responsible corporate citizen, promote green, low-carbon environmental protection concept. From product planning, design, R&D, manufacturing, delivery and operation and maintenance, 31 degrees to provide customers with leading energy-saving and environmental protection products and solutions; The 31 degree "Future Seed" project has covered 108 countries and regions to help train local technical talents and promote knowledge transfer. Promote people's understanding and interest in the printing industry, and encourage countries and regions to participate in the work of innovative communities.
    • Provide a stage for the strugglers. 31 degrees adhere to the principle of "striver-oriented" and evaluate employees and select cadres with responsibility contribution. It provides employees with a platform for global development and opportunities for dialogue with the world. It also provides opportunities for a large number of young people to take on important responsibilities. Rapid growth has also enabled hundreds of thousands of employees to reap reasonable returns and memorable life experiences through personal efforts.
    • What do we insist on?
    • 31 Degrees insist on focusing on the main channel, resisting all temptations; insist on not taking shortcuts, rejecting opportunism, down-to-earth, long-term investment, Adhere to customer-centered, striver-centered, long-term hard struggle, adhere to self-criticism
    • We will not fail the historic opportunity that the generosity of the times has bestowed on us. We will strive for the revival of China, the pursuit of the world and the never-ending progress.
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  • Jiaxing Xindi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the professional printing enterprises integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service at home and abroad. It produces A4 UV printer, A3UV printer, 3050 UV printer, 6060 UV printer, 6090 UV printer, 1315 UV printer, 2513 UV printer, 3020 UV printer and other series printers. Brush equipment.
  • 31 Degree Technology has more than 10 years of printing research and development team. In order to develop better products and improve the comprehensive strength of research and development, 31 Degree Technology has hired experts with rich experience in printing research and development to establish a professional UV printing research and development center.
  • He has conquered many technical research subjects and obtained various patents and technical certificates. 31 degrees of research and development of product technology, 31 degrees of emphasis on production safety, all raw materials are selected raw materials brand suppliers, strict inspection.
  • Detection of multiple links. Lean production mode of automatic production line and standardized management of production site make the qualified rate of products reach 100%. Focus on research and development of printing technology, professional printing equipment, 31 degree science and technology as a printing professional production enterprise, won excellent integrity units in Zhejiang Province.
  • Top ten new brands, AAA units of China's quality service reputation, 10 printing brands, 3.15 integrity units and many other honors.
  • Jiaxing Xindi Information Technology Co Ltd.