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UV printing has been widely used in all walks of life. Compared with traditional screen printing, it has increased by many times, and their gap is huge. Whether from the old process, pollution or printing principle, UV flat printing does not need on-duty Film, computer control, screen printing is needed; UV flat printing belongs to environmental protection green printing, screen printing belongs to high pollution printing UV flat printing adopts piezoelectric inkjet printing and screen printing adopts contact printing.

UV Flat Printer/UV Flat Printer can realize the digital printing process without plate, non-contact and real-time on soft and hard materials. Can be in Spraying any pattern on soft and hard materials has strong adhesion and rich color. It replaces the traditional manual drawing, screen printing, heat transfer printing and film-pasting process, and brings users a new experience of personalized, multi-variety, multi-color and fast delivery

The equipment has a wide range of applications, such as non-woven fabrics, leather, canvas, carpets, etc. It can spray freely on soft media, glass, ceramic, crystal, marble, plastic, mobile phone shell, decorative board, decorative building material, metal board, fiberboard, background wall, wood board, grating board, plastic, PC, etc And acrylic, PVC, ABS and most other materials are free to play.