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Understand the meaning of 10 technical parameters of UV printer nozzle

1. Sprinkler Series Model: refers to which series of sprinklers to use which model, to know that each series of sprinklers have dozens of different types below. No. 10 sprinklers, these sprinklers are of low, middle, high and top grade, and the price is several times, more than a dozen times the gap.

2. Number of nozzle holes: refers to the number of nozzle holes of a single nozzle. The more the number of nozzle holes, the more the relative ink output will be, and the printing speed will be increased accordingly

3. Sprinkler width: refers to the physical length and width of the sprinkler, the longer the width, the larger the area of the scanning pattern printed by the sprinkler, just like the drag, the wider the head, the larger the drag area, the faster the printing speed.

4、Excellent sprinkler: some sprinklers are one-color, some are two-color, some are four-color, eight-color, some are mixed support. In this case, it can help users to meet the color requirements of printed products with fewer sprinklers.。

5、Sprinkler price: generally refers to the terminal price, there are two points need to be noted, try to choose the mainstream sprinkler, so that the price will not change greatly, nor supply tension; secondly, try to buy from the original equipment factory, after all, quality assurance and package installation debugging, and most users do not have to distinguish the authenticity of the sprinkler, encryption, etc.

6、Ink droplet size: usually expressed in PL, the smaller the value, the higher the corresponding printing accuracy. It should be noted that PL is a volume unit, and many industry practitioners will make mistakes in this detail.。

7、Sprinkler gray level: the gray level of the sprinkler is generally 0, 4, 8, 12, etc. The larger the value, the better the performance of the sprinkler, the size of ink droplets can be automatically adjusted with the printing mode, printing effect and other requirements.。

8. Sprinkler life: refers to the service life of the sprinkler, which is generally measured in years and months, rarely calculated in hours. Moreover, the difference between theory and practice is very large, and there are many factors affecting the life of the sprinkler, such as the quality of UV ink, personal operation, daily maintenance and so on. The longer the actual service life of the nozzle, the more expensive the relative price is.

9. Applicable Ink: What kind of consumables should be used for the nozzle? Even if the same series of nozzles of the same type, some are suitable for UV ink, some are suitable for solvent ink, and some are suitable for water-based ink. This difference is very big and cannot be mixed.

10. Sprinkler warranty: At present, some of the UV printer manufacturers provide their own equipment sprinkler quality assurance for two or three years, and some are not. In the process of understanding, ask clearly this piece, at the same time, the quality assurance rules, requirements and so on must also be clear.

The performance of sprinkler can be judged according to these indexes!