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600*600MM Printer

31-degree large-scale industrial equipment, super large-scale, suitable for batch printing in factories. The printing surface of the equipment is 600*600 MM, and the printing height is 0-160 MM (providing customized height).

Sprinkler can choose 1-3 sprinklers, printing color K/C/MYW, K/C/M/Y/WN (optional) (OPTIONAL) black, blue, red, yellow and white + varnish. Large cartridge capacity, automatic ink quantity monitoring, continuous ink supply, variable ink drop technology to restore the printing effect to reality. Two-way printing, no vacancy, so that the printing speed is more smooth and fast, independent research and development of RIP color management UV software, white color out, batch printing, ink using imported EU environmental ROSH certification ink, environmental protection, non-toxic, better cost quality.

The equipment also uses infrared automatic height measurement to automatically measure the distance between the sprinkler and the printed object, which can print the articles with unevenness less than 3mm, increase the accuracy of the position of the print pattern and make the image level more distinct. The printer sprinkler will automatically emit a little foggy ink every other period of time to keep the sprinkler smooth and reduce greatly. Probability of nozzle blockage