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300* 500MM printer

31 Degree Technology, a new type of UV printer, is a medium-sized batch printer, whether it is a factory or a start-up shop, he can be competent.
The equipment color printing production platform is made of a whole piece of high hardness tempered glass. Its printing surface is 300*500MM, and the thickness of printing reaches 200MM. It uses the 10th generation sprinkler, advanced motherboard system, fine printing color, and most materials on the market can be printed on general plane. The device can also be equipped with a cylindrical support, and can print cylindrical objects, such as cups, wine bottles and other cylindrical objects.
The machine adopts the imported silver silent linear guide rail, which can improve the stability of the equipment and extend the service life. Moreover, the German imported silent tow chain can be used together to greatly reduce the wear and tear of the wire harness, prolong the service life and greatly reduce the noise of the tow chain training. High precision all-aluminium wash oxidation beams make printing accuracy more accurate.
Machine operation is simple, printing speed is improved; in a simpler way of operation, do not need very professional technical support, basic. Learn how to operate, so that the equipment is more suitable for all kinds of people.